Handy Dog-Walking Services in Wandsworth, London

The team at Doolittles have always worked within the animal welfare sector. Situated in Wandsworth, London, we provide convenient dog-walking and pet-feeding services at a very competitive price so your pet can receive outstanding care that doesn’t break the bank.

Due to the current situation some services may not be available at present .Please enquire and we will do our best to help .

Walking Your Pooch

30-minute and 1-hour walks are available for dogs of all breeds and sizes. We walk many rescue dogs that suffer from anxiety, so we often take them out without any other dogs to make them feel at ease. Sometimes their owners are not sure about their behaviour, which is why we offer a helping hand.

Organised at any time during the day, for however long you need, we can take treats and toys out with us on our walks with your permission. 

  • 30 Minutes: from £7.50
  • 60 Minutes: £15

Offers are available when you own multiple dogs.

Looking after Your Pet While You’re Away

Whether you have a dog, cat, rabbit, or fish, our team have the experience required to take care of any type of pet. When you get in touch, we arrange a home visit or look after your pet for the day to see how it goes. We can also organise for you to visit our premises so you have a full understanding of the care we offer.

Prices start from just £30, which include walks and feeds for the day.

Chaperone Services

Need a helping hand with taking your pet to the vets, or their grooming appointment? We can take them to and from the vets for you, whatever the visit entails. A handy collection and drop-off service is available so you don’t have to take any time off work.

Quality Animal Care

From cleaning their cage to making sure they are fed properly, the team at Doolittles have years of experience in providing outstanding care to various types of animals. These can include:

  • Hamsters
  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Rabbits
  • Turtles
  • Chinchillas

Feeding Your Pet

When you’re going away for a short break, or simply can’t find the time to give your pet the care it needs while you’re at work, Doolittles can help. We can arrange to drop into your home at a convenient time to feed your pet. The pets we look after include:

  • Fish
  • Rabbits
  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Hamsters 

Our professionals are also happy to change your pet’s litter if required as part of our helpful service.


Enjoy some well-deserved time away without having to worry about your beloved pet. As part of our comprehensive boarding service, we can look after your animal for any length of time, from a couple of weeks to just one day. With all the relevant equipment required to provide your pet with the highest standards of care, we can even arrange for you to come along and visit our premises to see where your animals will be cared for.

Additionally, all prices can be discussed before you go away.